Welcome to Litchfield Hills Bible Church

Did you ever wonder…?

Why most church services are so very different from those described in Acts 2:42?

How did we acquire so much ritual, so little actual doctrinal teaching, so much organization?

Do you ever wish…?

For the simplicity described in Acts 2:42, where Christians simply gathered to:

  • Sing and pray
  • Hear God’s Word explained and discussed
  • Enjoy simple fellowship with like-minded saints

Well, we’re not perfect… but that’s exactly what we seek to do each week on Sunday mornings.

We sing and pray; then we focus our attention on the Bible, the Word of God, actually considering what it says, what it means, and how it impacts on us. That’s all we do.


Curious?  Read on and see the differences. Perhaps you’ll find it refreshing and stimulating.